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Shaanxi Aerospace Hospital

Shaanxi Aerospace Hospital was built in 1974 and is the only second-class a general hospital in Baqiao District. The hospital is a designated hospital for urban workers, residents' medical insurance, maternity insurance in Xi'an, and residents of Baqiao District, Lintong District, Lantian and other districts and counties, as well as a designated hospital for pregnant and lying-in women in rural Baqiao District. The hospital obtained the qualification of occupational disease physical examination issued by the Health Commission of Shaanxi Province. The hospital is the clinical teaching base of Shaanxi Energy Vocational and Technical College, Ankang Vocational and technical college and other medical colleges.

The hospital has 558 employees, including 480 health professionals and technicians. The hospital has 25 medical and technical departments, 1 Health Management Center, 13 functional departments and 2 outposted agencies (Community Health Service Station, Space Agency Clinic) . The hospital has many advanced medical equipments that more than 1 million yuan. Established a secondary biosafety laboratory and PCR laboratory. The hospital has set up the Information Center Computer Room. The grading evaluation of electronic medical record (EMR) has reached the 3-level standard, and the level of information construction is relatively advanced in the same level hospitals in the region.

The hospital is the National Center for cardiac rehabilitation, the National Center for hypertension, the construction unit of national standardized atrial fibrillation center, the Center of Early Gastric Cancer Screening Research, National Center for Gastroenterology, the National PCCM standardized construction of secondary hospital standard units, and the China Foundation for dental health promotion base.

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