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       Founded in Hong Kong in 2011, China Resources Healthcare Group Limited(CR Healthcare) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd.(CR). CR Healthcare boasts 171 medical institutions with more than 26,500 open beds. CR Healthcare's business covers 14 provinces (regions, cities). It is the controlling shareholder of China Resources Medical Holdings Limited (1515.HK ).  CR Healthcare's scale of strength is among the first echelon of state-owned enterprises health medical group.

昆仑中心4Since its establishment, CR Healthcare has always been the country's biggest and shoulder the heavy responsibility of national livelihood. It has actively explored and practiced health investment and hospital operations management relying on CR’s strong comprehensive strength, diversified investments, and advanced management philosophy. CR Healthcare actively promoted the supply-side structural reform in the health sector to improve the integration of medical resources and expand the supply of local high-quality medical and health services, and coruscated the vitality of state-owned medical organizations to improve service efficiency and quality and promote high-quality development by restructuring and professional integration. CR Healthcare's co-operating with the state-owned enterprises of Liaoning and Jiangxi provinces in the reform of medical institutions has achieved remarkable results.  It has been listed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission as an example of central-local co-operation,  and a typical example of a central enterprise turning a loss into a profit by deepening the reform of medical institutions.

Insists on taking the party's construction as the lead, CR Healthcare takes the CR’s characteristic medical operation mode as the core competitiveness, and the regional leading hospital and the regional medical consortium construction as the carrier.  Through integrated and efficient organization and management,  CR Healthcare has been continuously improving its medical institutions' discipline construction level,  patient service quality and intelligence construction ability to provide the public with high-quality and accessible services,  and continuously meet the increasing demand of the people for multi-level and diversified medical and health services.

CR Healthcare adheres to the public welfare of medical institutions run by state-owned enterprises and plays an important role in the provision of basic medical services and sudden public health risks. It had made active contributions to the fighting against the epidemic, rescuing and disaster relief, counterparting assistance, graded diagnosis and treatment, the construction of medical consortia, charity free diagnosis, health promotion and voluntary activities, and etc..  It handed over the“People first, the supremacy of life,” the answer to the times.

Looking to the future, CR Healthcare will bear in mind its corporate mission of Caring for the health of people , and carries out the“Healthy China” strategy. It will fully carry forward the spirit of dedication to the country, the pioneering spirit of innovation, the spirit of steadfast forward, the spirit of continuous struggle to build a national medical“Second echelon”. CR Healthcare will achieve mutual promotion and common development with government-run medical institutions. It will make greater contribution to the long-term development of China’s promotion of human health.

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