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The founding meeting and the first annual Academic Conference of CR Healthcare’ Neurology branch were held successfully
TIME: 2024-04-30   【 A A A

     On April 29, the founding meeting of the CR Healthcare’ Neurology sub-committee and the first academic annual meeting were successfully held in Fushun.

At the founding meeting of the Neurology sub-committee, Dai Tianran presented letter of appointment to the chairman Li Gaohua, and the deputy chairmans of the Neurology sub-committee. Chairman of the sub-committee Li Gaohua presented letters of appointment to the director of the office, Standing Committee members and General members.

Li Gaohua made a report and said that three services should be firmly implemented, which namely service company’development strategy, service various medical institutions and service neurology medical staff.

Dai Tianran put forward in his closing speech that the neurology sub-committee should play three roles under the leadership of CR Healthcare, which namely the role of Discipline Leadership, the role of education and training, and the role of research and Innovation!

14 Professors explained the precise diagnosis and treatment of early-onset AD, ICAS lesions, non-motor features of Parkinson's disease and stroke construction and other topics in detail, which expanded the thinking of the participants.

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