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Walk toward the new|The 2024 CR Healthcare’Honor ceremony was successfully held
TIME: 2024-04-17   【 A A A

April 14, the 2024 CR Healthcare’ Honor ceremony was successfully held in Wuhan. More than 140 people gathered to share the glorious moment.

Vice Chairman and general manager Yu Hai welcomed all outstanding representatives to the scene. He thanked them. We hope that all people of CR Healthcare will continue to carry on the enterprise mission of“All for the public health”, and bear Great Nation in mind to guard the Great National Livelihood. We will continue to deepen the four remodeling. We will accelerate the innovative allocation of production factors, and foster and develop a new quality of healthcare productivity. We will practice internal skills and strong skills, and constantly improve the ability of execution, innovation, change and cohesion. We will continue to forge ahead towards the new goal of healthy and high-quality development.

Director Meng Jinliang and Ge Lu, deputy general manager Liu Ju and chief financial officer Yang Min presented awards to outstanding staff representatives. Wu Yong, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Wu Xinchun, Deputy General Manager, presented awards to outstanding team representatives. Director Guo Jinqing presented awards to outstanding managers. Director Liu Hongzhi presented awards to representatives of the Technology Innovation Award. Dai Tianran, deputy general manager, presented prizes to representatives of Scientific Research and Innovation Awards. Deputy General Manager Shan Baojie presented prizes to representatives of key specialty construction award winning department. Vice General Manager Zhang Chuang awarded the unit for the Fastest Progress Award. Vice Chairman and general manager Yu Hai awarded the all-round Development Award. Chairman Song Qing presented the award for Best Performance.

Chairman Song Qing extended warm congratulations to the units, teams and individuals commended. He thanked to the staff for pushing forward the“Four reformations”, focusing on the key tasks of the year, and carrying out the two batches of thematic education in a solid and in-depth manner. And we strived to write the party construction work and management development“Double answer”.

The new era and new journey have given state-owned, central government-owned enterprises (soes) a new mission and a new orientation. Chairman Song Qing raised three expectations. First, we should accelerate the development of innovative capabilities in health and health technologies, and improve the accessibility and quality of medical services. Second, we would accelerate structural reform, promote business innovation, and continue to improve operational efficiency and efficiency. Third, We should adhere to the leadership of party building, and improve the core competitiveness. We should build the flagship hospital as the hand to grasp and give full play to the leading role of regional leading hospitals to cultivate and develop the new quality productivity of CR Healthcare in accordance with local conditions.

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