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CR Healthcare held a health care business seminar
TIME: 2024-04-17   【 A A A

April 15, CR Healthcare held a health care business seminar in Wuhan to land the“14th five-year” strategy for the mid-term review and promote business development.

Vice Chairman and general manager Yu Hai made introduction speech. He pointed out that CR Healthcare has initially completed the layout of its facilities in the Bay Area and the Yangtze River Delta, and that a number of successful cases have emerged in the transformation of its branch hospitals or the expansion of its medical and health care business. We has started to explore the construction of medium-and high-end medical and health care complexes in the city. The embryonic form of medical and health care business with the characteristics of China Resources has gradually formed. He encouraged hospitals to explore the construction of diversified medical care model.

The strategic operations department made a report on the key work of the 2024. Guangzhou Ship Hospital, Fuxin Mine General Hospital, Pingxiang Mine General Hospital, Jinan North City Hospital shared the development of health care business transformation cases.

This seminar was guided by High-quality development of medical health care, which focused on the mode of medical health care operation and replicable path about the future development and landing measures.

Ge Lu and Li Haitang pointed out that the health care industry has a bright market prospect and the development of the health care industry is also a concrete manifestation of the social responsibility of China Resources' state-owned enterprises (soes) . CR Healthcare’ Model is sustainable and replicable. They hoped that CR Healthcare can integrate advantage resources, establish competitive advantage, constantly promote the construction of subject group with characteristics of the elderly. It can extend the service chain rely on information-based means. It should strengthen the organization of health care sector to ensure and empower to create a health care model with CR characteristics.

In his closing speech, deputy general manager Liu Ju pointed out that all hospitals should fully and proactively explore and develop medical and health care services, and create a diversified, sustainable and high-quality medical and health care model. We should cultivate the cause of health care to promote the development of high-quality health of CR Healthcare’ endogenous power, and respond to the population ageing national strategy to write CR Healthcare’ answer. First, we should anchore the goal, take on a new, innovative chapter in the implementation of the“Great National Livelihood” mission. Second, we should ignite the passion to explore the establishment of“Medical characteristics, standards, combined with the way” of CR’ characteristic health care operation model  steadily. Third, we should persist in innovation to explore the development model of“Promoting health care by medicine and combining medicine with health care”.


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