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CR Healthcare Laboratory Medical sub-committee established the Conference and Academic Seminar held successfully
TIME: 2024-04-08   【 A A A

April 2, CR Healthcare set up the sub-committee of Laboratory Medicine and held an academic seminar in Shenyang.  

At the founding meeting of the sub-committee on Laboratory Medicine, Dai Tianran, deputy general manager, presented letters of appointment to Zhang Jian, chairman of the sub-committee on Laboratory Medicine, and seven vice-chairmen of the sub-committee.

Zhang Jian said that the sub-committee will aim to achieve the group's objectives, focus on the standardization of disciplines, with the support of  academic exchanges and technology import, and make friends with academic experts and industry leaders through scientific research and innovation, strengthen the internal exchange of learning, Synergy, to achieve the high-quality sustainable development of CR Healthcare’ Laboratory Medicine.

Dai Tianran put forward requirements to the sub-committee of Laboratory Medicine in his closing speech. First, we should be brave to shoulder the heavy burden, dare to try first, and explore the construction of a professional academic organization with the health characteristics of China Resources. Second, we should follow the strategic planning of the subject of health, promote the development of the subject with scientific and technological innovation, and make unremitting efforts to build the brand of the first-class subject of health of the state-owned enterprise of China Resources Health. Third, we should unite the wisdom and strength of the collective experts at all levels, and actively participate in the joint plan of Liaoning Provincial Science and technology department to achieve breakthroughs in national scientific research topics in the future. Fouth, we should strengthen cooperation with United Medical Company and DIRUI medical, jointly tackle key problems and give play to the main role of central enterprises in scientific and technological.

Professor Qin Xiaosong of Sheng Jing Hospital, Professor Li Yongzhe of  Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Professor Wang Xuejing of Civil Aviation General Hospital, and deputy general manager Wang Bo of Dujus medical,  shared and exchanged views on laboratory detection and application of autoimmune nephropathy, application of autoantibodies in health management, application of cardiac markers in health management, and smart-enabled medical laboratory, and etc..

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