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CR healthcare held the“Future new energy” Dean and young Backbone Class (the second phase)“Spirit remodeling” theme training
TIME: 2024-04-02   【 A A A

On March 26-30, CR Healthcare held the second concentrated training in Yan 'an China Resources Hope Town. The theme of the training is “Spiritual reconstruction” . 77 students participated the training.

The party and the masses work department and Benxi steel general hospital did the special topic teaching, which told us about the essential meaning of the spirit remolding connotation, as well as how to carry on in the hospital. The Human Resources Department and the Discipline Inspection Commission Office shared the theme of the management and supervision requirements of the healthy cadres of CR Healthcare, the construction of party conduct and clean government, and the anti-corruption. Liu Jinfeng, professor of Yan 'an cadre college, and Wang Xuesheng, lecturer of Yan 'an party committee cadre education and training, gaved lectures on the interpretation of the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary XI at the Yan 'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall and the contemporary value of the Yan 'an spirit.

The trainees visited the site of the Yan 'an artillery school, the party Emblem Square in Nanniwan, Baotashan, the former revolutionary site of yangjialing, the former revolutionary site of Zaoyuan and the Hope Town of China Resources in Yan 'an.  They visited and taught about the spirit of Yan 'an and Nanniwan, paid tribute to the revolutionary martyrs, reread their vows to join the party and completed a 12km walk to reclaim the wilderness.

The training also organized free health clinic activities. The experts from the training course of about 30 trainees provided health advices and treatment services to about 60 small town villagers.

The trainees carried out action-based learning on four topics, which are How to give full play to the leading role of party construction, how to promote the cultural integration of newly acquired hospitals, how to give full play to the subjective initiative of cadres, and how to improve the effectiveness of supervision and discipline enforcement.

Yu Hai and the student representatives sat together for face-to-face conversation. He emphasized that the cadres and staff should change their thinking from auxiliary work to main work in the newly-entered hospitals of CR Healthcare. He hope that the students could cherish this systematic, professional and comprehensive learning opportunities, to enhance themselves, put what they have learned into practice, and develop together with the organization.

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