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CR Healthcare held a 2024 working meeting
TIME: 2024-01-19   【 A A A

On January 18, CR Healthcare held a 2024 meeting in Beijing. More than 400 people attended the meeting online and offline.

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The theme of the working meeting was "Accelerating structural reform and getting continuous benefit enhancement". The working meeting conveyed the spirit and requirements of t CR's 2024 working meeting, gived reports of discipline construction and innovation work report, financial annual work.

Chairman Song Qing announced the outcome of the mid-term review of the 14th five-year plan and the 2024 Medical Operation Plan. He stressed that we should work together and forge ahead, focus on one strategic goal, strengthen the three main businesses, advance six strategic initiatives, build five core competencies, consolidate an integrated security system in the second half of the 14th five-year plan. He also deployed 2024 priorities of CR Healthcare.

Han Yuewei, deputy general manager of China Resources Group, made an important speech in which he affirmed the achievements of CR Healthcare and put forward requirements for 2024 work. We should further strengthen the development of business in strategic emerging industries. We would develop a high-quality business portfolio to further enhance core competitiveness. We should find new business growth points. We should promote the“Four remoulds” to go deeper and more solid, and further transform management advantages into operating results. We should seize the opportunity of self-evaluation of senior professional titles in the health sector to further strengthen the construction of the health professional and technical staff. We would increase coordination and cooperation with internal and external to achieve innovative development. We should uphold and strengthen the leadership of the party and give full play to the role of the“all supervision” system to provide a strong guarantee for high-quality development. We should clearly understand the situation of anti-corruption work and push forward the centralized and special rectification of corruption in the medical field.

The Party building and discipline inspection working meeting conveyed the spirit of the CR party building work conference. The meeting gaved a report on the work of the inspection and inspection.

On behalf of CR Healthcare, Song Qing signed 2024 performance contracts and party building responsibility letters with the principal officials of the member units.

Song Qing deployed key work of party construction in CR Healthcare in 2024. He stressed the we should reach “One consensus”and “Fifteen effective penetration improvements”.

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