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CR Healthcare held the Chief Consultant Appointment Ceremony and award presentation ceremony of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation award
TIME: 2023-12-15   【 A A A

December 15, the appointment ceremony of CR Healthcare Chief Consultant and the award presentation ceremony of Scientific Research and technological innovation award were held in Beijing Aerospace General Hospital. More than 120 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dai Tianran, deputy general manager of CR Healthcare.

Vice Chairman, general manager Yu Hai gave the introduction speech. Yu thanked Academician Zhan Qimin for his trust and support. He encouraged hospital administrators and clinical experts to cherish the opportunity and learn from academician Zhan Qimin to jointly bring more health benefits to the people. 

Chairman Song Qing presented the letter of appointment to academician Zhan Qimin. Academician Zhan said that in the future, he will study and explore the high-quality development of state-owned medical enterprises together with all and jointly promote the construction of a healthy China.

Wu Xinchun, Liu Ju, Dai Tianran, and Yang Min presented the technology innovation awards to the winning representatives. Shan Baojie and Wu Yong presented awards to the award-winning delegates. Zhang Chuang presented prizes to the third-class award-winning representatives for scientific research and innovation. Yu Hai presented prizes to the representatives who won the second prize of Scientific Research and innovation. Song Qing presented prizes to the first-class and special award winners of the Scientific Research Innovation Award.

Chairman Song Qing closed his remarks to make demands on CR Healthcare's future work. One is to put the construction of a world-class enterprise in a prominent position. We will continue to enhance the healthy innovation capacity to ensure the effective implementation of the important tasks of the party and the country. Second, we should make good use of industry policy dividends. We should actively strive for the policy in the local area to create core advantages. Third, we must complete the task of high-quality development. We should unswervingly in accordance with the Model 1246 of CR Group , and take the implementation of the mission of the red state-owned enterprise tightly around the big national livelihood of the field. Fourthly, we should strengthen the construction of a good team of talents. Take the chief consultant appointment as an opportunity to play a good role as chief consultant, and write a new era of CR Healthcare Innovation Story.

Under the strong leadership of CR Group, CR Healthcare always adhere to the public welfare-oriented. We take service as the core, and play the advantages of collectivization and specialization. We pay attention to discipline construction, and strengthen personnel training. We also promote scientific research and innovation. We build medical business operation mode with CR Characteristics, and strive to become the leader of domestic leading medical and health industry group and a leader in the reform of state-owned medical institutions.


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