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The founding meeting of CR Healthcare’ Neurosurgery sub-committee and the first academic annual meeting were held successfully
TIME: 2023-12-03   【 A A A

December 2, CR Healthcare established the Neurosurgery sub-committee and held the first academic annual meeting in Guangzhou. Chairman Song Qing attended the meeting. The leaders of Human Resources department and Discipline Construction and innovation department, 36 members of 14 hospitals and more than 20 experts participated the meeting in the scene.

At the founding meeting of the Neurosurgery sub-committee, Chairman Song Qing presented letters of appointment to Zhu Dan and five vice-chairmen. Zhu Dan, chairman of the Neurosurgery sub-committee, presented letters of appointment to the Chief of Staff, standing committee members and members of the sub-committee.

Chairman Zhu Dan reported on the overall framework, preparation and development strategy of the sub-committee on behalf of the sub-committee. He proposed that the aim of the sub-committee should be strategic realization, with special promotion of special diseases as the focus and synergy platform as the support, to realize the development of sub-committee construction.

In his closing speech, Chairman Song Qing called on the Neurosurgery sub-committee to act as a bridge and link to the grass-roots level, and set an example. The committee should follow CR Healthcare' strategic health plan closely, and speed up the realization of the goal of“Building a first-class central enterprise neurosurgery”. The committee should seize the opportunity, and take advantage of the situation and do a good job of innovation.

Professor Guo Ying from The Third Affiliated Hospital. SUNYET.SEN University, Professor from Guangdong Provincial People’ Hospital, Liang Junchao from General Hospital of Southern Theater of war and 12 professors of CR healthcare’hospitals gave lectures on the diagnosis and treatment of hydrocephalus, meningioma and moyamoya diseases.

The academic annual meeting has laid a good foundation for coordinated development of Health Neurosurgery. The Neurosurgery sub-committee will be hard-working and establish CR Healthcare’ brand in the field of neurosurgery.

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