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CR Healthcare and CR Medical held a strategic review and planning meeting

TIME:2020-10-21 【A A A

On October 18th to 20th, CR Healthcare and CR Medical held the "strategic review, organizational integration" strategic review and planning meeting in footpath bay campus of CR university. More than 60 people attended the meeting, including Wang Chuncheng, deputy general manager of CR Group, relevant professional principals of strategy department and Financial Department of the group, management team and head of the headquarters department of CR healthcare and CR Medical, and Presidents of major hospitals.

Wang Chuncheng made the introductory speech at the meeting. He pointed out that currently CR has a relatively large scale in the health industry, and has formed a professional team into a system. How to form a mature business model and development path in the future, and make the health industry with CR characteristics needs to be seriously considered and discussed. He stressed that CR Healthcare and CR Medical should face up to their own problems, through action learning, problem-oriented, in-depth discussion of business development and organizational integration, jointly clarify the "14th five-year" development strategy of CR health industry.

CR Healthcare and CR Medical report CR Healthcare/CR Medical's "13th Five-Year" Strategy review draft, CR Healthcare/CR Medical's “14th five-year” Strategy draft and CR Health sector 's digital thematic report. They made an in-depth analysis of the changes of the medical service industry in policy environment, industry situation, competitors and its own development during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and reports the preliminary ideas of the "14th five-year Plan" strategy of CR Healthcare and CR Medical.

Through action learning, participants had in-depth discussions on the current challenges and opportunities of CR Health sector, the development plan and measures of the "14th five-year Plan", and the multi-level and in-depth integration of the group, organization and business.

CR Healthcare 's chairman Song Qing gave a sum up speech. He said CR health sector should further enhance the political stance, fully reflect the social value, bore and business responsibility of the state-owned enterprises. At the same time, we should keep the strategic concentration, build our own core competencies, with empty cup mentality, strategic oriented, positive efforts to become the practitioners and pioneer of the reform of state-owned enterprises.

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