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The medical teams of Raytheon Hospitals from Liaoning, Shanghai and Guangdong were awarded the title of "model of The Times"

TIME:2020-09-24 【A A A

On September 23, 2020, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee announced to the public the outstanding achievements of 10 heroic groups of first-line medical personnel, including the medical team assisted by the State to Fight against the epidemic in Hubei, and awarded them the title of "model of The Times". The medical team of Raytheon Hospital of Liaoning, Shanghai and Guangdong became one of the teams that won the title of "model of The Times".

There are 33 people of CR healthcare in the team of Raytheon Medical team of Liaoning. They are Zhu Nannan, Li Zhaoqun, Zhang Chunyu, Meng Na, Pang Lijuan from Fushun Mining Bureau General Hospital, Li TieyingWang Li, Yang Jun, Sun Xiaoyun, Qu yingying, Chen Yang, Cui Dan, Yang Xiaoting, She Yanjun from Benxi Iron and Steel General Hospital, Jiang Li from Nandi Branch of Benxi Iron and Steel Hospital, Wang Jing, Ji Chundong, Zhang Aling, Ma Jiao, Yu Xiaochun, Dong Xiaowang from Fuxin Mine General Hospital, Yao Jia, Cao Shanshan from Pingan Branch of Fuxin Mining Bureau General Hospital, Yang ChengguoLi Zuoyan, Li Xiuying from Tieling Coal General Hospital, Li Shuangyan, Ge Jun form Shenyang Coal General Hospital, Liu Xia, Zhang Depeng, Shi Han from Liaoning Nuclear Industry General Hospital, and Yan Xue, Li Man from 157th Hospital.

They departed for Wuhan Raytheon hospital on February 9 and returned in batches on March 31or April 1. In the wards of C11, A3, A5, A7 and A11, the team members were involved in the treatment of 179 patients, 166 of whom were cured, and 77 of whom were critically ill.

From being ready to receive patients in a race against time, to treating and nursing patients with care and paying attention to their mental health, to finally returning with zero infection, CR Healthcare's Medical Team at Raytheon Hospital adhered to the mission of "Striving for the Health of People ", and completed the task successfully with love, carefulness, patience and responsibility.

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