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CR Healthcare released 2019 Social Responsibility Report

TIME:2020-08-20 【A A A

On August 19, 2020, CR Healthcare Officially released the 2019 Social Responsibility Report. This is the CR Healthcare's sixth social responsibility report. With the theme of "New Journey and Start Again", the report systematically elaborated on CR Healthcare's social responsibility management, practices, and practices in 2019 from the four aspects of "strengthening management improvement", "caring for employee growth", "protecting customer health" and "promoting win-win cooperation". The report uses the theme "Two hands to fight coVID-19 and Restore production, and always protect public health" to show that CR Healthcare has played an active role in the COVID-19 epidemic and contributed to the battle against coVID-19 and the resumption of work and production.


All hospitals strengthen discipline construction, actively apply for national, provincial and municipal projects, introduce new technologies, carry out technological innovation, and promote the improvement of regional medical level. All hospitals sticked to the patient-centered philosophy, medical quality as the core, continue improve the quality of medical treatment, and insured medical security, introduce medical expert resources and promote the construction of medical consortium to promote the subsidence of medical resourcesmake full use of the Internet to provide convenient servicesand provide people with safe, efficient and convenient medical and health services.

At the beginning of 2020, in the face of the sudden coVID-19 outbreak, CR Healthcare took the initiative and made active efforts. Five batches, 72 medical workers went to Hubei province. A total of 1,888 coVID-19 patients were admitted and treated, and 1,499 were cured and discharged. In the rear, the fever clinic actively opened and ensured the order of medical treatment through online treatment channels. The 20 party member teams from hospitals worked closely with the local government for joint prevention and control, and kept temperature checks at all times in key areas of the expressway, airport and railway station. Hospitals guarded the local battle lines by sending experts to participate in the consultation and medical personnel to the isolation wards of designated hospitals to treat patients or support the isolation points.

CR Healthcare has always been at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, and steadily pushed forward the resumption of work and production. CR Healthcare build a strong Great Wall to protect public health. In the future, CR Healthcare will continue to carry out the mission of " Striving for the Health of People", be practical, stronger and bigger, improve the ability to serve the whole people's health, and grow and progress together with employees, customers, suppliers, partners and communities, so as to create greater economic, social and environmental value.

In 2019, CR Healthcare conducted internal exercise of health penance, focus on strategy and business development needs, carry out organizational remodeling, and improve management efficiency. At the same time, we grasped the opportunity of policy change, sped up the reform of health industry platform of local state-owned enterprises, sought for business breakthrough, and achieved new development in business. We built two major base areas in Liaoning and Jiangxi, with 181 medical institutions under them and more than 23,000 beds.
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